Personal Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mayoral Tumblr & Other Updates



Hello Everyone,

I opened up a Tumblr for my weekly journal entries for my adventure as mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I would highly suggest following it, so you can know what I will be up to each and every week in Animal Crossing: New Leaf starting on the ninth of June. You can click here to check it out. There will be a major update for it coming sometime in the near future, so the appearance is not final.

The posts will include various pictures, and the pictures will be accompanied by text, so you can know what I have done each day. The blog will also have the Dream Address for my town, my 3DS Friend Code, and various other details relating to my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

That does it for the news relating to my Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tumblr, and I will now head onto something I like to think is pretty big. I will be holding a giveaway in which I giveaway an American copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf if I hit 300 subscribers before June 9th. You only have three days left to help me reach 300 subscribers. I do expect you guys to be active, so don’t just subscribe so I’ll hold the contest. Check out my channel as well, and only subscribe if you’re willing to watch each of my videos. You can click here to visit my YouTube channel.

I would also appreciate it if you were to follow me on Twitter.

That does it for this post, and I will be sure to post again when something else comes up.


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