Z-Dude’s Thoughts: Nintendo Content ID Claims

Hello Everyone,
I’m going to be sharing my thoughts with you regarding the whole Nintendo Content ID Claims. I do agree that it’s stupid, and that Nintendo will lose more money instead of gaining more. For one, they will be losing the free advertisements that people like me, the people who produce videos of their games on YouTube with commentary and share how much they love the game they are currently playing.

Before I get into what I believe, let’s talk about what Content ID Claiming means:

When a company partners with YouTube, they can have YouTube automatically check for stuff that has their intellectual content. Nintendo has said in a message that they don’t want the channels to get any sort of strike, or for the videos to be removed. Nintendo will be just replacing your monetizing settings on the videos, with theirs. Meaning their ads will be playing on your videos, and any money you make off of the video will be instead transferred to Nintendo automatically. You won’t make anything off of the video(s).

I believe that we shouldn’t boycott because, if the reason behind why they are Content ID Claiming videos is because they are losing money, then maybe we should continue doing what we were doing before any of this happened, and hopefully one day they will stop doing this, because they’ll gain more money. If we keep telling people how good their games are, and showing people why they should get said game, then they’ll make more money, and at some point stop what they are doing. If we were to all boycott, then Nintendo would seek out different ways of making money, and would probably lay off a few people, and do some other drastic things, because they won’t be getting the advertisements that actually help them out more than I could guess they know.

I also believe that those who boycott will be responsible for Nintendo’s downfall, and were doing Nintendo Let’s Plays/videos for the money. I do understand that there are people like, Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, etc.. who were doing this as a living, but if you weren’t, and you just stopped doing it because of what Nintendo is doing now, then I feel as though you were doing it just for the money. (That is if you were partnered, or making any money off of it.) I’m going to continue producing Nintendo videos, because I love their games, and I have fun recording them, not because I want to just earn money. I didn’t really care for the money anyways. It isn’t that important to me.

I have a question for those who are boycotting.. Tell me.. How in the hell will making Nintendo lose more money, make them stop doing this? I believe the only way to make them see that they are wrong is by helping them make more money. I’m pretty sure that there are more reasons behind why they started, but if it mostly is because the Wii U isn’t selling so well, then shouldn’t we help them get more money, or try to promote the Wii U ourselves as well?

These were just my thoughts, leave any opinions, or what you think in the comments below!


One response to “Z-Dude’s Thoughts: Nintendo Content ID Claims

  1. Zdude, Nintendo is a huge company. Although I’d like to help them out, I feel that some people like chuggaa need the money more than Nintendo. I’m not sure how much Nintendo is losing, but they should be able to figure this out for themselves. If they didn’t just slip this by us and formerly ask us/apologize, then I would love to help them! But this was a dirty move that makes me want to not promote them. (I have not made my final decision)

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