Z-Dude Reviews: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon [3DS]

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


Hello, everybody! I’m here to review Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a sequel to the GameCube launch title, Luigi’s Mansion. In the original Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi won a mansion in a contest he didn’t even enter, so he went to the mansion to look for Mario after he disappeared. You would suck up original styled ghosts, and explore only one mansion.. which makes sense since the original was originally just a tech demo for the Nintendo GameCube.

This one starts off really differently, with E. Gadd just working in his laboratory, when King Boo flies overhead, and destroys the Dark Moon, a gem that has a calming effect on the ghosts of Evershade Valley.  E. Gadd then runs into his own protective lab, and calls Luigi, who is resting at his house. Luigi tries to run, but E. Gadd teleports him away, with a device called the Pixelator.

This game contains five mansion, which you explore one at a time, and the Boos make an appearance in each of the game’s missions. The missions you can replay, and you don’t get to really explore the mansions outside of the mansions. The unique boss ghosts were replaced by semi-original normal ghost enemies. You will get two items early on in the game that helps you out a lot, one of which is the Strobelight which allows you to stun the ghosts, and the Darklight device which allows you to see invisible objects.

Each of the boss’s in this game is both unique and semi challenging. You will have to figure out how lure each of the “Possessor” ghosts out of the objects they are possessing, and then suck them up.  After you suck him up you will get a piece of the Dark Moon.

After you rescue each of the Toad assistants, you will get a picture, and you will get hints as to what King Boo is doing, and you will barely see parts of the Mario portrait, meaning Mario was kidnapped again, and you will have to go rescue him.

That does it for the Singleplayer review of this game.

Now begins the multiplayer review of this game.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon doesn’t just have an extensive Singleplayer story, but also a great multiplayer function as well. The multiplayer is called “ScareScraper,” and you can play it with up to three other friends, or you can test yourself, and take it on alone.

There are three modes:

  1. Hunter – You go through each of the floors ridding each of them of ghosts before you can continue on to the next floor.
  2. Rush – You have to rush to the exit, before time runs out.
  3. Polterpup – You have to chase down each of the Polterpups before you can go to the next floor.

You can play each of these modes either through Nintendo WiFi connection, or local play. You can play either with somebody who doesn’t have the game card (or downloaded copy), or somebody who does.

In the end I would give the Singleplayer mode a solid 4 Stars, and the Multiplayer 5 Stars. I hope you guys enjoy this review!



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