This came to me while I was on my way to school this morning, but I don’t think there is a website for Let’s Players made by Let’s Players. I think a group of Let’s Players should get to work on a website for us. You know something like HiddenBlock (the site a few reviewers made.) I’d be willing to offer my services to those who are interested in making one.

I have a few ideas on how it should look, what should go on in the site, and whatnot. If anybody is interested then send me an E-Mail @ nintendolperzdude @ (remove the spaces.)

We can then set up a time in which we can get on Skype, and begin planning it out. It would be a big project, and I wouldn’t mind affiliating it with a few forums.

Remember this is just an idea, but I hope it can happen.

~ Z-Dude


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