YouTube Update (Video Coming This Saturday)

Hello, everyone.
This is just a written summary of the update video coming this Saturday.

I have noticed that my views on YouTube has taken a hit, and I’ve been losing views lately. If you guys have any suggestions as to how I can make better videos, or improve, then please fill out this form. I have also been wondering if there is anything you guys would like to see from me.. such as any new series, or what-not. If you guys aren’t liking how I’m sort of "rushing" my Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Let’s Play, then rest assured, that once it’s completed I will be starting two Let’s Plays.. One main, and one side. I’m just going to say this, but the main will be Pokemon Silver version.

Secondly, I have noticed that I don’t really have that many active followers on Twitter, or Tumblr. I would like to invite you guys to follow me via Tumblr, or Twitter. Click here to check out my personal Twitter, and click here to check out the Twitter connected to my YouTube channel. Please only follow me if you’re going to be a active follower, and actually watch the videos I post to my Twitter or Tumblr.

I am also considering starting a new series that will be posted every Saturday, but I am NOT exactly sure what you guys want from me. You can fill out this form if you want to submit an idea for a series.

Anyways, you can look forward to a video being posted this Saturday afternoon, regarding what I have posted here, so if you don’t understand something then please feel free to ask me a question, and I will be sure to better explain all of this in the video. Till then, have a nice day.



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