Guest Commentaries?

Hello, everyone.

I’m here with a update. I’ve been thinking of how I can help out the Let’s Playing community, and I have decided on a single way thus far. I’m going to resume having guest commentators on my videos. I still want my main focus to be on my solo commentaries, but I also want to have you guys guest in my videos. If you want to guest commentate, then send me a E-Mail at: nintendolperzdude

I want the subject of the E-Mail to be: Guest Commentate

And the message to look like this:

YouTube Channel:

Twitter: (If you have one, if not then leave out.)


What do you do on YouTube: (Let’s Plays, Speed Arts, etc…)

Why should I accept you as a Guest Commentator:

*Leave out

I’m also willing on guest commentating in your videos as well. Just send me a E-Mail with the subject being, “Guest Commentate in my video?” I will then review your channel, and send you a reply as soon as possible.

Well, that does it for this update. I hope you guys consider guest commentating in my videos, and I also hope to chat with you guys later!


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