Start of my Life in Z-Vilage Marathon

Hello, everybody!

I’m here to remind you guys about my Life in Z-Vilage marathon.. The first episode of it goes public today at 5 PM ET, and I hope you guys are looking forward to it. It will go from today to next Friday at 6 PM ET.. There will be two new videos up on Sunday, the first one will be the Life in Z-Vilage, and the second one will be the next episode of my Speed Art Sundays. That’s right, I am bringing back my speed art series, and I hope you guys are looking forward to it. Each of the backgrounds, icons, watermarks, etc… will be posted to my Photobucket, and Deviant Art. Photobucket is more less a backup, since I will be expecting D.A. to remove my fan arts/graphic designs, due to copyright infringement… and Photobucket doesn’t do that, so I’m going to post everything to Photobucket, and Deviant Art from now on.. You will find links to both in the description of the videos, and if you find that the image was deleted on Deviant Art I would like you guys to tell me as soon as possible, so I can remove the link, and have just the Photobucket link in the description.

Anyways, I have to get back to work on my lame art assignment, which I know I’m not going to do well on, since I am NOT a good artist, so yeah… Talk to you guys later!

~ Z-Dude


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