Few Updates

Hello, everyone.

I’m back with a rather small update.. A few days ago I made a Tumblr, and I would really appreciate it if you were to follow me on it. I’ll be posting most of the news that I post here onto it as well, and not only that, but I reblog a lot of stuff as well, so you might get to know me a little better if you follow it.

Also, I haven’t gotten any information on whither you guys want me to use episode titles in future episodes of my Let’s Plays. I already do it with Animal Crossing: Life in Z-Vilage, and I think you guys would enjoy my other Let’s Plays if I was to do it more often. I want your feedback, so please let me know.

Thirdly, I would appreciate it if you were to tell more people about my YouTube channel. I never upload videos in poor quality, since I believe in quality over quantity. Remember to tell people to only subscribe if they enjoy my videos, and plan on watching them. I am trying to get partnership through Social Blade, so yeah… I can’t achieve my goal without the support of each, and everyone of you.

Lastly, the blog redesign is going to happen soon. I’m going to be looking at a few themes, and changing my background, and header as well, so hopefully by the end of the day on Sunday you will see a new look on my blog. In the meantime my Tumblr will act as my main blog for any updates, so this blog won’t have any updates starting tomorrow at four o’clock PM Eastern time.

Well, that does it for updates, and remember to follow these important places:

Deviant Art

~ Z-Dude


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