Hello, everyone.

I’m back with a few updates, and a few things that I want some information on..

First off, I’m thinking about putting episode titles in each of the new episodes of my Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door episodes. Do you think I should do that, or do you think it’s good the way it is? I would like to know, because I think it would add some character to each of the videos, and I would be able to put a small joke in each of the episode titles.

Secondly, as you have probably already read, I’m planning on a blog redesign soon. I’m going to begin working on the redesign this Friday, and it might take a few days for it to be fully completed, maybe even a few weeks (with school, and everything else.. it just might.) I’ll be sure to post a update via Twitter when the redesign is completed.

Thirdly, should I cancel my Pokemon Gold let’s play, and do a Let’s Play of Pokemon Silver instead? I’m not talking about doing a let’s play of Pokemon Silver via ROM either.. I mean switch from ROM to actual game. I think I ruined my let’s play of Pokemon Gold, but I want to know your thoughts. You can vote here, and whatever wins by next Sunday, will happen. It’s up to you.

Well, that should do it in terms of updates. Remember to give me your two cents on the updates, and on the replacement of my Pokemon Gold Let’s Play as well. Till next time.

~ Z-Dude

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