What should I do?

Hello, everyone.

I’m back with a rather small question. Yesterday while I was on the Galamence Xat chat, somebody by the name of "Ness" contacted me, and told me a few things. I don’t want to do anything without your approval first. He told me to make my videos at most eleven minutes long, and I’ve been contemplating on how that could be possible, but I don’t really see how it could be with Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, being as most important things in that game do take a while to get through, so I can’t really cut it down to eleven minutes without ruining the episode. I’ve been contemplating that for a while, but I just don’t know. I want to know what your thoughts are on the situation. Give me any advice you happen to have, and how it could be done, and I’ll consider it.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this, and I hope you guys enjoy the videos that are on my channel, and the ones that are to come.

Click here to visit my YouTube channel if you haven’t already.


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