Thanksgiving Plans

Hello, everyone!

I’m back with some news regarding Thanksgiving. I won’t be at my house at all on Thanksgiving, or the day before that, since I am spending Wednesday, and Thursday (Thanksgiving day) with my mother. I will have a video up on Thanksgiving (going to have to time travel again on Animal Crossing… gotta love it when life messes with your plans,) so you can look forward to a Thanksgiving Day special. I will be able to play Animal Crossing: Wild World tomorrow as well, since I am going to be staying at my mother’s apartment tomorrow night. I might have to end the party at some point, but if you wait patiently I should have my gate open again about thirty minutes or so after I end the party.

If you want to come to my town on Animal Crossing: Wild World, then please leave your friend code as either a comment here, or as a comment on the DS page. I’d like to have more people on my roster. I only have three people registered, so I do have room for a lot more people. I know that not everybody who plays Animal Crossing probably doesn’t play Animal Crossing: Wild World anymore, but if you do then feel free to register me, and come to my this Saturday, and next Saturday as well. I could use your help in getting all of the fruits, and cleaning up my town. Please remember I do not allow people who use Action Replay codes to come to my town, and if I find that you are using A.R. codes such as; walking through walls, teleportation, or some other code.. Then I will be sure to take you off of my friend roster, and restart my game (I won’t even end the party, so you’ll only be ruining it for anybody else in the town as well.) I might let the "walkthrough anything" code go through once or twice, but if I notice you are going through the boundaries then I’ll know you are using an Action Replay code. Please keep that in mind, and you’ll do fine.


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