Animal Crossing: Wild World Town Opening

Hello, everyone.

I’m back with an update regarding my town in Animal Crossing: Wild World. I’m accepting friend codes for that game, so if you want to come to my town you can do so. Just check out the "D.S." page of my blog, and you’ll be able to find my friend code. I know that most Animal Crossing fans have either lost or sold their copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World, but if you ever get another copy (or still have yours) then feel free to register me, and leave your friend code as a comment to this post.

Here the rules regarding my town:

  1. No chopping down trees
  2. Clean language, unless I state otherwise
  3. No using Action Replay codes, I don’t want my town seeded, or ruined.
  4. Feel free to leave any fruit in my town (I can use it, I am currently trying to afford the first house upgrade.)
  5. No giving me free money, I want to earn my bells the right way.

Just remember to follow the rules, and you’ll do fine. The rules will also be on the bulletin board at my town, but they will be condensed, as to fit them into a minimum of three posts.

I’m also going to be opening up a section of my forum where you can exchange friend codes, or meet other people who play the same game as you.

That should do it for now.


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