Power Outage Update

Hello, everyone.

I am back, and with an update. No, I don’t have power back, but according to what my older brother (who tries to stay up to date on what the power companies are doing,) has told me that the Rockland Electric is going to be working around the clock to get the electricity back up, and running, near my house. I’m still not certain, but they said that eighty-five percent of New Jersey has their power restored, and I am in the small fifteen percent, but I could get my power back any day now. I’ll be sure to let you guys know as soon as I get power restored. One more thing on the side of the blackout; I’ll be staying at my mother’s apartment, since she has power, and Internet access. If you want to chat with me you can do so. I’ll probably be staying at her place the day I get power back at my house, since it’ll take a while for my house to heat up.

Secondly, I am want to get partnership through Social Blade, but I can’t with the amount of views I am getting at the moment. Just because I have stopped uploading, or went on a hiatus, doesn’t mean you can’t watch my videos. I have two hundred-ninty videos uploaded, and I can’t find a reason why you guys can’t enjoy my other let’s plays, or video series. You guys can always watch my first let’s play, then go onto my second, third, and so on. I bet that by the time you are half-way through my other let’s plays my hiatus will probably be over. Anyways, the more views I get the more likely I am to get partnered through Social Blade. Anyways, you can click here to check out my stats on Social Blade, keep track of whither or not I am eligible for partnership on that page.

One other thing, last night I have decided to always do my Animal Crossing video series, since that requires little to no editing, so it doesn’t take me that long to get up onto my channel. I know I am on a hiatus, but if I get power back before Saturday, you guys can expect to see new episodes of that every Friday. (The newest episode will probably have Wisp in it, since I do not want to do another sped up episode where I pick my weeds.) I hope you guys are looking forward to that.

I know that I said one other thing before, but here is the real last update. Yesterday I found out that YouTube removed the time limit for my two person collaborative YouTube channel. You can now expect to see videos that are fifteen minutes or more in length. I still have to talk to Dave, so I can figure out how it’s going to work out. I’m not sure if we’ll take advantage of the time limit removal at this point, since we both have to worry about school, and would have time to record two videos for a month then. I still want to have weekly uploads, so I’m going to give you guys an update again when we agree on a plan of action. I’m also planning on making a blog for just ZeonHub, so that way I don’t have to post all news regarding ZeonHub onto this blog.

That should do it for the time being. I’ll be sure to post another update if something comes up, or happens. Till then, please make sure to have a Z-Tastic day, and stay safe.


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