Hiatus Update

Hello, everyone. I’m back with an update regarding my hiatus. I should be back to making videos the Saturday after the ninth of November, but I am not certain. I do want you guys to keep watching my videos on my YouTube channel, though. I have two hundred, eighty-nine videos uploaded, and I would LOVE it if you guys got caught up on my past Let’s Plays. When I do return, I want to see you guys watching, and enjoying my videos. I’m NOT forcing you to watch my videos, I’m just saying that I think it would be Z-Tastic of you guys to watch my other videos.

If you’re wondering about when your graphic design requests will be finished, I cannot give an estimate, due to the hiatus, but I do wish to have at least one done every Saturday. I’m currently trying to finish making the two backgrounds, and the icon for Steel Emblem. I don’t like making you guys wait so long, but High School is demanding, and I can’t take a break, without my grades dropping to below a sixty (which is failing, anything below seventy is failing.) If it was up to me I would be working on videos, and your graphic design requests as much as possible, but sadly it isn’t.

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them via E-Mail. Please send any questions to my E-Mail which is nintendolperzdude (Remember to put your YouTube or Twitter username in the subject section of the E-Mail.) I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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