Hello, everyone. I’m back, but with some bad news… I’m going to have to go on a hiatus for a while, since I am failing a few classes, and I NEED to get my grades up. I promise I will be back making/uploading videos sometime soon, I’m just not sure when the hiatus will end. It might end on the ninth of November, or in the beginning of January. I don’t know. It’s going to start on October 13, and as I’ve said before I don’t know when it’ll end. There will be a video posted to my YouTube channel tomorrow explaining the situation in more detail. I do want you guys to watch my other two-hundred-eighty-nine videos, though. I’m quite sure that there is a Let’s Play you haven’t seen, so while I am gone you might want to watch one of my pervious Let’s Plays.

Anyways, I wish you guys the best of luck, and I’ll be sure to post another post when I get any news about the hiatus.

Be sure to follow me via Twitter to stay up-to-date on any updates.

~ NintendoLperZDude

P.S. If I don’t pass these classes I will be getting NOTHING for Christmas. I hate it when this happens, I wish I could make videos for you guys all the time, but I can’t… school is such a downer.


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