Hello, everybody!

I’m just wondering if I should change the name of my Animal Crossing [Gamecube] video series from, "Animal Crossing: Population Growing| Life in Z-Vilage|" to "Animal Crossing: Life in Z-Vilage." Please tell me if I should or not. I keep getting messages from people saying that the Population Growing isn’t the actual title, and I’m starting to get sick of people telling me that. I know it isn’t, I just put it in the title, so people know which Animal Crossing I’m playing, instead of being like, "There’s no Life in Z-Vilage, Animal Crossing," or instead of me putting in the name of the console it’s on in the title of the videos. Just tell me what you think as a comment to this post, or via Twitter.

Now that’s out of the way. I wanted to let you guys know that I hope to raise the amount of views I get per month, so if you could tell me what I could change in my videos I would really enjoy that. Either that or help me out by sharing my videos. Thanks everybody!

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Thanks for reading,


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