ZeonHub Update

Hello, everybody!

I’m here with an update to anybody who is a fan of my collaborative YouTube channel, "ZeonHub". I was just informed that we should be able to record a ton of videos for the channel this Friday! We should have enough content, to last till the end of October. I hope you guys are looking forward to more Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I promise that the videos will have better commentary, since the first six episodes were recorded in my room, and the rest will be recorded in the basement at my house. We should be able to have the microphone in between us, instead of right next to me, and further away from Dave. I also want the subscriber count on the channel to grow, and for more people to follow the official Twitter for ZeonHub. I just thought I should inform you guys about this.

That should do it.

~ NintendoLperZDude/Z-Dude/Z


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