Uploads To Resume On October 8th, 2012

Hello, everybody.

I’m feeling better, and I’m not THAT sick anymore. I’m currently in school as I’m typing up this post, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn’t have the chance to record anything this past weekend, so there will be no new episodes of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Pokemon Gold, or Animal Crossing: Population Growing. I didn’t have the time to record this Saturday’s episode of Gamer’s Shout Outs, so there won’t be a first episode till a week from this Saturday. I’m really sorry, and I didn’t want this to happen, but it did. I promise to be back on track with uploading starting a week from today (Monday, October 1st, 2012). I hope you guys understand, and I hope you guys know that I HATE it when things like this happen to make it impossible for me to record anything.

That should do it for this update, and I hope you guys have a Z-Tastic day/week.

P.S. I have off on the eigth, so I should be able to record more videos then. Again I hope you guys understand… I absolutly hate it when stuff like this happens.


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