Possible Terrible Summer

Hello, everyone. It’s me Z-Dude, and I am here with some upsetting news. I might be unavailable for the whole summer. If I fail even one class, my dad will take away my laptops, Wii, Xbox 360, 3DSes, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, and everything else that I have that runs on electricity for the whole summer. =\ I don’t know what to do… if I lose those, then I will just lay in my room and wait for death, you know just give up on having "fun." I will be going through Hell, if that does happen.. I guess I’ll have to go through six weeks of summer school, and the whole summer without any of my technology.. I am so upset, and betrayed.. I might as well, stop going on the Internet right now, as to stop the pain from occurring.. I’ll keep you guys updated, if I don’t have them taken away you’ll hear from me on the 14th.. If I do have them taken away, then you won’t hear from me.. that is all.


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