Still Looking for more preteens to take part in Quenztro’s AC;CF Machinima, Steep Hill

Hello, everybody. It’s me Z-Dude, and I am here to report that Quenztro is still looking for more people to take part in Steep Hill, a Animal Crossing: City Folk Machinima that will be directed, and managed by Quincymelee and myself, NintendoLperZDude. If you want to take part in this, then please message either Quincymelee or myself via YouTube or Twitter. Click here to visit Quincymelee’s Twitter, and click on the first mention of "Quincymelee" to visit his YouTube channel. Click here to visit my Twitter.

The types of people we are looking for include the following:

  • Female Animal Crossing: City Folk Hackers
  • 1 Male AC:CF Hacker
  • Few non-hackers that have a Capture Card
  • Few non-hackers without a capture card

Steep Hill will be delayed until June, being as Quincymelee has to go to Florida to see his older brother graduate. We will let you guys know of a exact recording date as soon as we have everything set-up.

It is recommended for you to have a microphone, but NOT REQUIRED! If you want a cheap set-up that includes a capture card and a microphone, then please message Quincymelee for the link.

That should do it for this message.


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