Animal Crossing: City Folk Giveaway Day

Hello, everyone. It’s me Z-Dude, and I am here to announce that I will be holding another one of my giveaway days on Animal Crossing: City Folk. For those of you who don’t know what a Giveaway Day is on Animal Crossing: City Folk, it’s basically where a hacker puts up a town layout that has almost every item on the ground of their town, and they allow non-hackers to take the items back to their town. The Giveaway will be starting at 5 o’clock PM eastern, and ending around 12 o’clock AM eastern. The giveaway will be on Friday ONLY! Make sure to leave your friend code below, or visit the Nintendo Wii section. I’ll begin registering people at 12 PM eastern on Friday. So make sure to hurry, and leave your friend code for Animal Crossing: City Folk.

That should do it for this post. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated!


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