Hello, everybody. It’s me Z-Dude, and I am here to tell you guys about what just happened at my school.

It was near the end of S.O.A.R. a thing my school does that allows the students to choose what they want to do before the beginning of second block. The principal came onto the P.A. system, and said, "I need your attention everybody. I need your attention everybody." And after he announced that there was a evacuation going on, everybody left the school. Everybody was wondering why we had to evacuate the school. The teacher’s said that there was a gas leak going on. So we were outside for about twenty minutes or so. Then we went back inside, and went straight to where we were for S.O.A.R. to get our things, then we went to second block. Yes, I am in school right now. Everyone of the students that were near me during the evacuation said that they wished that they ended school, but they didn’t.

So, that’s just something that happened during my school day.

That should do it for this post. I will post again, when something important/ interesting happens. Till then guys, have a great day!


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