Searching for 3DS Friend Codes

Hello, everyone! It’s me Z-Dude, and I am here to announce that I am currently looking for people to register onto my Nintendo 3DS, and if you want me to register you; you have to post your Friend Code below! Also don’t forget to check out the "Nintendo 3DS" page for my Nintendo 3DS Friend Code. You can either post your friend code down below this post, or on that page. I will register you either way. I am hoping we can play together, and exchange Swap Notes, as well as other things. That should do it for this post, and I will be sure to post again when something comes up.

P.S. I can access the Internet on my 3DS at my school, so just because I "happen" to be online on my 3DS doesn’t mean that I CAN play with you. Just wait till I am playing a game, and you can join.


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