40 Facts about myself

Alright here we go.. 50 facts about myself!

  1. I started playing Pokemon games at a young age (at either 4 or 5 years old)
  2. I was born in 1995
  3. I am afraid of the dark
  4. I am afraid of spiders
  5. I can twist my arm in a freaky direction
  6. I hate dogs
  7. I love cats
  8. I am a slob
  9. I hate to clean up my room
  10. My favorite Pokemon is Zoroark but that might change in the future
  11. I hate winter, spring, and fall
  12. My only favorite season is summer
  13. My favorite video game of all time is Pac Man
  14. I have known Quincymelee for over two years now
  15. I am a hacker on Animal Crossing: City Folk
  16. I am the only member of my family who makes videos and uploads them to YouTube
  17. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan
  18. My two favorite species from Star Trek are: Vulcan and Romulan
  19. My favorite Star Trek captain is Janeway
  20. I am known for beating Pokemon games very quickly
  21. I used to use cheats on Pokemon games, but now I don’t
  22. I make my own YouTube/Desktop backgrounds
  23. I make my own icons
  24. I am 17 years old
  25. I enjoy my solitude
  26. I am a fan of the Animal Crossing series
  27. I don’t have any non-Nintendo systems
  28. My younger brother and I tend to fight a lot
  29. I tend to swear in my videos if I am having a hard time doing something
  30. I dislike trolls
  31. I am not book smart, but I am technologically smart
  32. I am able to multi-task really well
  33. My favorite character in Super Smash Bros Brawl is Lucario
  34. I like Classical music over the music people find catchy now-a-days
  35. I have a fear of heights
  36. I hate going on vacations (leaving my house for more than a few days)
  37. I am underrated on YouTube
  38. I type grammatically correct most of the time
  39. My favorite type in Pokemon is fire
  40. I am a joker

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